Vachery Triathlon Club

We're 47 Triathletes


Becoming a member is free. Training is £15.50 a session for registered members. The first three sessions are always free. We ask that everyone wishing to become a member comes to at least one of the free sessions and speaks with our coaching staff first.


Our expert coaches can train people to excel in all three disciplines of the triathlon: running, swimming and cycling. We aim for a balance between fitness and technique and push our members to always give their very best when training and competing.

Are You A Beginner?

Have you never done any or all of the three triathlon disciplines before? Or maybe you have but have never competed in a triathlon. No matter. We allow trainees of all levels to become members. If you're willing to come along and work hard, we'll be patient and work with you to get you to the level you need to be at.

Find Out More

If you want to find out more about us, you can get in touch with us through this website. Or just come along to one of our training sessions and speak to one of the coaches before joining in.


Junior section

We are committed to giving young people the same opportunity as adults to be a part of our club and benefit from our friendly and enjoyable training environment. Boys and girls aged fourteen years and over can become members and train with us. Those below the age of sixteen will need a parental consent form. We adapt our training to suit young people of all fitness levels and abilities. Two Welsh Triathlon training sessions will be provided each week. All of our coaches are trained and licensed professionals who have undergone DBS checks. Training schedules may vary during the winter season depending on climate conditions. Junior members can train with us for as little as £10.50 per-session.



swimmingSwim Program

Our swimming sessions take place on Friday evenings at Pyle Swimming Pool at the Halo Leisure Centre. Training is between 19:00 to 20:00. We recommend that members arrive by 18:45 to give themselves time to sign-in and get changed. Our triathlon swimming training is a fully structured approach that combines fitness and technique. We aim to increase our member’s swimming fitness using progressive training drills over a six week period. Development of our member’s stroke techniques will cover the vital elements such as body and head position, the catch, the body roll, timing, recovery, underwater pathways, propulsive lift and breathing patterns. We aim to give our members all the knowledge and technical proficiency they will require to compete in an event.



PrintRunning Training

We do running training on Monday evenings at 19:00 and Wednesday evenings at 19:30, to give our members a choice of evening. Some of our more advanced members run on both nights.  In warm weather we use the dirt trail outside the Halo Leisure Centre, and during cold weather we use the circuit course in the large gymnasium inside the building. All of our running coaches are qualified personal trainers and our training consists of three types of running: the long run, the transition run and the fartlek/speed run. The long runs build stamina and durability and help one to retain good form even when fatigued. The transition runs are necessary to get one’s body used to the transition from biking to running. The fartlek/speed run is a form of high intensity training that supplements the rest of the training.




Our Partners

discovery-logoWe are sponsored by Discover Learning, a UK fitness industry training provider. Any of our members who are interested in a career in health and fitness receive a 10% discount on Discovery Personal Training Diplomas.


“We are proud to be affiliated with the Vachery Triathalon Club. As a company that works with many non-profit fitness clubs that aim to improve the fitness of children in their local communities, we applaud Vechery’s policy of accepting runners of any age and skill level, including children.” – Alan Jackson, Discovery Learning CEO.